Ubisoft is bringing its subscription service to Xbox

Ubisoft is bringing its subscription service to Xbox

Ubisoft has announced it will bring its game subscription service, Ubisoft+, to Xbox, though it didn’t say when. This will be the first time the service has come to a traditional game console.

Ubisoft launched its game subscription service in 2019 under the name Uplay+. Now called Ubisoft+, it’s essentially Ubisoft’s own version of EA Play. For $15 a month, you get immediate access to over 100 of Ubisoft’s latest games and DLC. Until now, the company has only offered it on PC, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna.

While Stadia and Luna each have access to a couple dozen Ubisoft+ games, Xbox will get over 100 of them. That likely means every Ubisoft+ game that has an Xbox version.

EA Play, however, is already available on Xbox, PlayStation, and even Steam (Ubisoft+ on PC still only works through the Ubisoft Connect client), most famously coming bundled with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. Ubisoft’s announcement this week doesn’t suggest it’s bundling Ubisoft+ with Game Pass as well, but most of it is actually about how Rainbow Six Extraction will launch on Xbox and PC Game Pass day one at the end of this month.

Ubisoft confirmed on Twitter that Ubisoft+ will be independent from Game Pass on Xbox, while also saying to stay tuned for more news. That could mean anything though. There was also this interaction between the Ubisoft and Game Pass Twitter accounts, which is probably just connected to Extraction’s launch on Game Pass, but you never know.