A Mother’s Response To A Child Feeling Guilty About The Death Of His Mom

A Mother’s Response To A Child Feeling Guilty About The Death Of His Mom

A random mother on the internet helped a young man who was feeling a lot of guilt about the death of his own mother.

Her response will touch your heart, too.

On an Ask Reddit forum, a place where people can post any question they want, a user asked “Once you were old enough, what were the dark family secrets you were finally let in on?”

This was one of the responses:

“My mother died after a few months of giving birth to me. Whenever I asked how she died the answer was that she passed away in her sleep and no one knew why. I just learnt a few years ago that she had cancer and was pregnant with me. Giving birth to me severely weakened her and eventually led to her death. I don’t think I’ll be able to ever forgive myself because from what I’ve heard from everyone, she was a da*n good woman.”

A random mother decided to reply to him. What she wrote has people sobbing:

“Hey. I’m a mom and if I know anything, I know that yours would tell you this if she could. So I’m gonna tell you for her.

She never regretted it. Not for a second. You are made of everything that was best about her. Cancer may have ended her life, but getting the chance to create yours was her proudest moment. She faced the end with nothing but peace, knowing that you would live on where she couldn’t. Sweetheart, you have nothing to forgive yourself for. You did not take her from this world.

You are how she remains in it.”

About 8 months later, the young man posted an update about his situation and thanked the mother for helping him on a day he really needed it.

“After receiving therapy for months I have finally stopped feeling guilty about my mothers death and no longer blame myself for it. But I’d like to thank [the mom] for saying these words to me because at that time I really needed it. Never underestimate the power your words have on internet stranger.”