Texas Man Brings Warm Meals To Family In Need

Texas Man Brings Warm Meals To Family In Need

A man in San Angelo, Texas decided to help a family in need. His good deed did not go unnoticed.

The man, who chose to remain anonymous, said he saw the family asking for donations and wanted to help.

“They were asking for any type of donations, they were very religious, thanking God, and I didn’t have cash on me and I felt compelled to get something in their bellies,” the man said.

So, he went to a nearby restaurant, bought the family a meal and then went back to give it to the mother, father and young daughter.

“Just talking to them, they were very grateful, thankful,” the man said.

“Shouldn’t have to wait until the holidays to do something to help other people,” he added. “Where I’m from and where I live, a lot of people stand on the corner and take advantage of other people, but you can truly see that these people are hardly doing without. I just wanted to try and do something nice for them during the holidays.”